Hi, my name is Marianne Bouchart, founder and director of HEI-DA, a data journalism nonprofit. Over the past few years I have been working as a web editor, producer, communications director and data journalism lecturer in London and Paris.

This site is an interactive version of my C.V. which showcases my skills and gives you a little bit more information about my professional experience as well as other projects I've been involved in.

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Core Skills

All-rounder news editor and web producer with a great interest and experience in digital news, innovative storytelling and data journalism.

I love sharing my knowledge through teaching and training, which I do regularly. I am also the founder of HEI-DA, a nonprofit organisation which promotes digital innovation, the future of data journalism and open data. We do web projects of public interest and partner with organisations worldwide to build impactful programmes and initiatives.

I am used to work to tight deadlines in fast-paced environments, and to take initiatives. I am a creative, dynamic and responsible person. I have the experience of developing big online projects and building online communities globally. I am also passionate about helping others and leading projects that have a true social impact.


  • Proficient with all major web editorial tools and Content Management Systems
  • Video and audio production skills
  • Photo research and editing skills
  • Excellent social media skills (publishing and monitoring)


  • Compelling  editorial and writing skills
  • Passionate about innovative storytelling
  • Great editorial project coordinator
  • Reachable and eloquent
  • Knowledge of the media industry and its key players


  • Great ability to work under pressure and to take initiatives
  • Sociable and a good listener
  • Problem Solver. Trouble Shooter.
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Reliable
  • Creative and enthusiastic


  • Creative
  • Can do attitude
  • Dynamic
  • Determined
  • Responsible
  • Organised
  • Passionate


  • Expertise in digital editorial design and innovative storytelling
  • Great editorial project coordinator
  • Proficient with the tools and softwares used for data journalism such as Google Spreadsheet, Excel, Open Refine, Tableau, etc.
  • Editorial as well as programming (in HTML, CSS and Javascript) and design skills


  • Ability to work fluently in English and French. Also have basic command of German
  • Contacts worldwide in the media, data journalism and digital innovation industries as well as with not-for-profit organisations


Since April 2015 (registered as a nonprofit in September 2016)


After 3 years at Bloomberg, I decided to create an organisation called HEI-DA. It is a nonprofit which promotes digital innovation, the future of data journalism and open data. We do web projects of public interest and partner with organisations worldwide to build impactful programmes and initiatives.

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From December 2015 

Communications Director + Data Journalism Awards Manager

Coordinating with the rest of the GEN team in Paris, I created and implemented innovative communication strategies, culminating at the GEN Summit 2016: production of newsletters and press releases, content production (articles and interviews), management of the website, project coordination, team management, etc.

My role also involved managing the Data Journalism Awards, an annual competition celebrating innovative and data-driven news projects. It got me to New York City in the U.S. where I organised a Data Journalism Unconference at Thomson Reuters headquarters.

2012 – 2015

Web Producer EMEA, Data Journalism and Graphics Editor

Over three years at Bloomberg News, I was coordinating closely with the US-based editorial and production teams and was in charge of the web production in Europe, Middle East and Africa for Bloomberg.com and Businessweek.com (which merged into BloombergBusiness.com in January 2015). Along the way I also fulfilled the role of data journalism and graphics editor.

My job entailed daily production tasks for the EMEA region using WordPress and in-house content management systems, trouble shooting, editing and producing newsletters, curating homepages and specific channels on the sites, creating and updating graphics as well as projects coordination. I was also the point person for stories related to Wikileaks as well as broader data journalism projects across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Since 2011

Founder and Editor, Team Leader, Web Producer, Community Manager
• Set up an online platform that works as a blog, news aggregator and online community (comments, forums and groups) about data journalism.
• Content producer: videos, podcasts, articles, visualisations. Community manager (forums, groups, comments, social media).

2010 – 2012

Freelance web designer and producer (specialised in journalism)

• Created websites and blogs using HTML and Wordpress.org
• Linked website to different SNS accounts
• Taught clients how to use the platforms and add content to their website
• Created, edited and produced web content for clients

2010 – 2012

Freelance Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition teacher

• Gave one-to-one and group classes for video and audio editing softwares

• Helped clients on editing projects and reach top professional standards

Freelance video journalist and producer

• Created web video reports for clients such as the European Journalism Center and DataDrivenJournalism.net

2009 – 2011

Freelance Digital Marketing Manager

• Developed and implemented entire digital marketing campaigns

• Developed the clients’ online presence via blogs, websites and SNS

• Managed newsletters, seeding campaigns and online public relations

• Clients included: Dulux paint with the “Let’s Colour” campaign where I was Marketing Manager for the French territory between March and May 2010, American artist Blake Worrell from the Puppetmastaz between 2009 and 2010, Faculty Music (part of Universal UK) in 2009.


Location Manager, Game tester at Testronic Labs, Pinewood studios, Uxbridge, UK

• Was in charge of checking the French translation and good functionality of video games on different platforms (including iPad)

JUNE 2010

Editor, Team Leader for Multimedia coverage of the Journalism’s Next Top Model Conference at the University of Westminster, London, UK.

• Managed a team of journalists to cover the event and interview guest speakers (involving Mayor of London Boris Johnson, former director general of the BBC Mark Thompson as well as other important players in the media industry)

• Supervised the online coverage of the event via blogs, Twitter, Youtube, iChat, Live Stream, websites, forums



• Social media marketing

• Seeding

• Email marketing

• Press releases

MARCH – MAY 2009

Editor, Team Leader, Coordinating Multimedia Coverage

• Managed a team of journalists to cover the event (involving BBC General Director Mark Thompson, Mayor of London Boris Johnson, former Editor of the Sun Kelvin McKenzie, The Guardian’s Nick Davies, etc.)

• Supervised the online marketing of the events via blogs, Twitter, Youtube, iChat, Skype, websites, forums.

MARCH – MAY 2009

Web Editor, Social Media Manager, Blogging and Web Production for the Soundpad Project (Directed by John Leckie and Keith Harris) at the University of Westminster, London, UK.

• Managed a team of journalists to interview the bands and producers Keith Harris and John Leckie

• Created a WordPress blog, a Twitter account and took part in the digital marketing campaign for 5 independent rock bands

2002 – 2006

Editor-in-chief (sometimes founder) of student newspapers (through high school and first two years of higher education), France

• Created the first student magazines/newspapers of my schools

• Wrote editor’s letters and articles

• Supervised the production (from the writing to the printing process) and managed a team of student journalists

Recent Articles

Digital innovation, data storytelling and the Rio Olympics

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Guest Lecturer/Speaker Experience

Sunny Side of the Doc (2016)

22 June 2016

Moderated a roundtable on data journalism at the documentary festival Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle. Speakers included Chris Roper (Code for Africa), Cécile Schilis Gallego (ICIJ), Sophia Synodinos (France Télévisions) and Fabrice Blancho (INA).

GEN Summit (2016)

Avril- June 2016

Editorial director for the coverage of the GEN Summit 2016 in Vienna, Austria.

I managed a team of 18 journalists and editors, including 12 students from the FHWien and European Forum Alpbach journalism schools. From the conception of an editorial guide, to the planning of a production schedule, the set up of a video editing class during the event, my role was to supervise the coverage of the conference and to make sure the content produced was pertinent and of high standards.

London School of Economics (2016)

24 February 2016

Took part in a roundtable on robot journalism and data-driven news production at LSE Polis in London, UK. The team from the London School of Economics gathered a dozen experts in data journalism and news innovation coming from various countries to discuss and debate on that topic.

News Rewired Conference (2015)

1st December 2015

Speaker at the News Rewired conference in London at the office of MSN. I co-led a session on data journalism with Megan Lucero, Data Journalism editor at The Times and The Sunday Times.

19 Million Project (2015)

November 2015

Speaker at the 19 Million Project conference and hackathon in Roma, Italy, which gathered media experts from around the world to build innovative editorial projects on the refugee crisis. I gave a similar speech to the one I gave at the Techfugees conference, on how data journalism has been used to cover the refugee crisis, what challenges news organisations face to get data on the crisis and what technology solutions there could be to facilitate data gathering, publishing and storytelling on the ground. I also presented the initiave of Hei-Da, the non-profit startup I created earlier that year.

Techfugees Conference and Hackathon (2015)

1-2 October 2015

Speaker at the Techfugees Conference and Hackathon in London which gathered experts from the media and tech industry to build solutions to the refugee crisis. I gave a speech on how data journalism has been used to cover the refugee crisis, what challenges news organisations face to get data on the crisis and what technology solutions there could be to facilitate data gathering, publishing and storytelling on the ground. I also presented the initiave of Hei-Da, the non-profit startup I created earlier that year.

London College of Communication (2015)


Guest lecturer for both theory and practical classes on data journalism, investigative methods and digital research to students in journalism at the London College of Communication in London, UK.

University of Westminster (2012-2015)

2012 – 2015

Gave both keynote lectures and practical workshops to students from the BA Honours in Journalism at the University of Westminster in London, UK.

LSE Polis Journalism Conference

5 April 2013

Member of a panel and guest speaker at the annual LSE Polis Journalism Conference for a session on “Trust in Digital” in London, UK. Other members of the panel included James Ball (former Guardian now Buzzfeed), Esra Dogramaci (former Al Jazeera now BBC), Nicola Hughes (former Guardian, Knight Mozilla).

O'Reilly Strata Conference (2013)


Became a jury member for the 2013 O’Reilly Strata Conference, reviewing keynote proposals.

Hacks/Hackers London (2012-2013)


Became member of the Hacks/Hackers London committee and organized a few meetups including the January 2013 event where I gave a keynote presentation on How big data is changing financial journalism at Bloomberg News head quarters in London, UK.

O'Reilly Strata Conference (2012)

2 October 2012

Gave a keynote presentation at the O’Reilly Strata Conference – Making Data Work in London, UK entitled Financial Data and Journalism – How Bloomberg Makes Data Work.

ESJ Pro Paris (2012)

18-20 June 2012

Gave a three-day data journalism training including theory and practical workshops on spreadsheets, data mining and data visualizations  at the ESJ Pro Paris in Paris, France. Attendees were professionals from major French media organizations.

City University (2012)

23 February 2012

Gave a keynote lecture on data journalism to MA students in International Journalism at City University, London, UK.

ESJ Lille (2011)

1 December 2011

Gave a keynote lecture on data journalism to students in Journalism at the École Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille in Lille, France.


  • 2001-2004

    French Baccalaureate obtained with distinctions at Lycee Notre Dame des Dunes, Dunkerque (France)
  • 2002 - 2004

    Student at the FRAC (Regional Fund of Contemporary Arts) Fine Arts School of Dunkerque. Keen interest in computer graphics and publishing with InDesign
  • 2004 - 2006

    Classe preparatoire “hypokhagne” and “khagne” in French Literature, Philosophy, History, Geography, English and English Literature, at CPGE Notre Dame de la Paix, Lille (France)
  • 2006 - 2007

    BA in English and American Studies (including Marketing), obtained with Upper Second Class Honours, Lille Catholic University, Lille (France)
  • 2007 - 2010

    BA Hons in Media at the University of Westminster, London, obtained with First Class Honours. (includes practical Journalism, PR, business and online journalism)
  • FEB 2009

    Masterclass in Investigative Journalism at City University (London) by The Guardian’s Nick Davies and David Leigh.
  • MAY 2011

    HEFAC - Hostile Environment Training and First Aid Course for Media and NGOs at Blue Dot
  • 2010 - 2011

    MA International Journalism at City University (London) with distinctions in Online Journalism, Practical TV and Radio journalism, International News and European affairs.

Computing/Editing Skills

Word/Pages, Excel/Tables, Power Point/Keynote


Google Apps: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Analytics, Forms, Trends




Adobe Photoshop CC


Programming in HTML, FTP and CSS


Final Cut Pro 6 and above, Adobe Audition CC


Adobe Premiere CC


Adobe InDesign CC


Adobe Illustrator CC


Dreamweaver CC


Bloomberg Terminal for Media and Journalists


Other Bloomberg Terminal Skills


Programming in HTML5 and Javascript (data visualisations)









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