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Getting to know me

I was born in Dunkerque, northern France, in the eighties and followed a rather unusual path. I did my first two degrees in Lille, France and the other two in London, UK. I am passionate about the future of journalism and more precisely about innovative storytelling. I developed a keen interest in data journalism in the past few years which led me to create The Data Journalism Blog in 2011 and Hei-Da in 2015.

I have always been hyper active and nurtured many passions at once… I love graphic design, photography, films but I am also fascinated by international affairs, business and technology.

Some random facts about me:

I took three years of acting classes between 2001 and 2004.

I occasionally work as a volunteer for Solidarite Sida, a French charity promoting the cause of those with HIV, since 2004.

I love traveling and meeting new people.

I am absolutely passionate about everything I do.

I love swimming.

I smile often.

Hobby Pie Chart

  • Arts
  • Adventure
  • Baking



I did competition rowing in high school but retired when I moved to the UK. Although I do have in mind to start training again some day, I for now find solace in regular trips to the gym, occasional swimming, boxing, cardio and weight training. Anything to exhaust my hyper active genes really.


Trekking is a sport. And a hard one. I am no expert but I just love the idea of packing for a full-on, physically challenging adventure (switching to the “let’s do this” mode). So I started doing solo trek adventures a few years ago. I’ve done a few in the Alps around and on Mont Blanc, Norway as well as in the UK and would ultimately love to go on an adventure in the Andes or Asia.


I am originally from France and moved to the UK when I was 20 years old. I did go back to the motherland quite regularly to visit friends and family until December 2015 when I moved back and settled in Lille, north of France. Work took me to some amazing places: New York, Vienna, Rome… I also love going on holiday in the Alps (something I’ve done since I was a child). And every now and then, I’d book the odd ticket for a getaway holiday somewhere hot and sunny. I love travelling, discovering new cultures and visiting new places.


Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, biscuits, you name it, I’ll have a go at it. And so far, so good. It usually makes the people around me very happy so I take it as a stamp of success. No need for an occasion, I’d often bake my signature Glittery Death By Chocolate cake “just because it’s Friday”.


Can’t live without it. Listen to it all day, occasionally dance to it, certainly hum to it often. From Motown classics to Rock’n’roll anthems to indie band or RnB catchy numbers, I’m an easy listener and have a few catchy playlists up my sleeve.


I studied fine arts and graphic design so I often recollect old days when I used to spend hours painting and drawing in a workshop. I love going to exhibitions and to do a bit of doodling myself. I also love taking photographs.

Now you pretty much know everything there is to know about me.
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